1. Rendering of the complex logistic services, i.e. combining of various logistic services with the cargo conveyance methods in the most expedient for the client way;


2. Services, rendered by the bonded warehouse and the import-export terminal:


  •     - storage of the goods (cargoes);
  •     - sorting, packing, placing on pallets, marking, weighing, measuring of the goods (cargoes), forming of the batches and their preparation for conveyance;
  •     - handling of the non-standard and non-gabarit cargoes;
  •     - registration of the goods in the bonded warehouse and submission of reports about the performed operations;



3. Loading services:



  •     - unloading from the transport vehicles (automobiles, railway wagons);
  •     - loading of the transport vehicles (automobiles, railway wagons);
  •         -  reloading from one transport vehicle to the other one (automobiles, railway wagons);
  •     - non-standard and non-gabarit cargoes (equipment, looms, etc.);
  •     - methods of loading:
  •                     - mechanized way – by lift-trucks from 1,5 up to 5 tons;
  •                     - mechanized way – by automobile faucet up to 18 tons;
  •                     -   manually.


4. Services, rendered by the customs intermediary:


  •     - preparation and filling of the customs documents in (EX, T1, TIR Carnet, etc.);
  •     - preparation and filling of the goods (cargoes) consignment notes in (CMR, etc.);
  •     - acting on behalf of the client in the customs and in the other state institutions (departments);
  •     - procuration of certificates, permissions and other documents while acting on behalf of the client;
  •     - consulting of the clients on the customs and logistic optimization items;
  •     - insurance services, insurance of the cargoes.

5. Arrangement of delivery and collection of the cargoes.